Oil and Gas Produced Water Alternative
Solid Waste Conversion

Cost Saving | High Volume | Environmentally Beneficial

ECO Advanced Cleantech Solutions

ECO customers receive innovative cleantech solutions, reducing their costs and resolving their environmental problems

ECO Oilfield Produced Water Disposal

ECO’s Technology is the cost saving alternative to disposal wells for Oil and Gas produced water
Cost Saving
  • 25% Average cost saving vs. trucking / disposal well
  • $0 Up-front capital cost, provided as a service
Large Capacity
  • 4,000+ BBLs per day capacity
  • Mobile unit, on-site treatment
  • Self contained, small footprint
Environmentally Protective
  • No disposal wells
  • No trucking of water
  • 100% of water evaporated

Solid Waste Conversion Technology
(ECO’s Phase II Product)

Conversion of Solid Waste (used tires, trash, plastics, railroad ties, etc.)
to Activated Carbon and Electricity

Saving Costs | Saving Our Environment