About Us

Great Environmental Technologies that put
money back in the pockets of our customers

ECO Advanced Cleantech Solutions

ECO focuses on leading edge environmental technologies
that boost our customer’s profit, provide more efficient operations, and help our environment
while producing a healthy profit for our shareholders
ECO is in the first phase of our future

Phase I –    Oil and Gas produced water disposal alternative

Phase II –   Solid Waste conversion into profitable commodities

Phase III – Commercial wastewater treatment

Our technologies are an “A+” to our customers
  • Significant cost savings over their existing systems
  • Resolve their environmental problems
  • Better, smoother operations
  • Safe
  • Reliable
Jess Rae Booth

Jess Rae Booth

Chief Executive Officer

Walter Carlson

Walter Carlson

Chief Financial Officer and

Vice President of Risk Management

Brent Mulliniks

Brent Mulliniks

Director of Operations, Water

Peter Baldwin

Peter Baldwin

Director of Business Development, Water

Kristin Johnston

Vice President of Special Projects

Extended Team:

David Weekly
Acting Chief Technical Officer for ECO, lead in Brazil affiliate and Madagascar

Steve Rockey
Waste Conversion Advisor

Michael Sanders
Securities Counsel

Barry Becker
Construction, Land Acquisition and Processing Advisor

Richard Tucker
President of Tucker Engineering Associates and Inventor of TOCS Waste Conversion

Steve Haddad
Business Development and Marketing