ECO’s Environmental Technologies Boost Customers’ Bottom Line by Delivering More Efficient and Sustainable Solutions. We Provide Municipalities, Industrial, and Commercial Operations Green Solutions in Water Conditioning, Water Evaporation and Purification.

Executive and Board of Directors Leadership Team

Jess Rae Booth
Chief Executive Officer and
Chairman of the Board

Walter Carlson Chief Financial Officer and

Kristin Johnston
Vice President of Special Projects

Mark Timm
Independent Director

Scott Donnell
Independent Director


David Weekly
Technology Director

Brent Mulliniks
Water Technical Engineer

Barry Becker
Construction, Land Acquisition, and Processing Advisor

Steve Haddad
National Marketing Director

Bevan Brinkley
Technical Sales Manager, U.S.



Peyton Jackson — ECO Director of Business Development & Advisory Board Chair
has served over 35 years in the financial services and marketing industry with experience and expertise in multiple facets of the industry, including and not limited to brokerage, investment banking, marketing, sales management and training, corporate structure, regulatory compliance, internal organization, management hierarchy, public relations, investor relations, HR advisory, Ad-Tech, and Mar-Tech consulting, and management and sales force recruitment. Industry coverage includes direct marketing and branding to and for Fortune 100 companies.

Colonel David Anderson USA RET.
brings to ECO significant leadership experience in the field of water and waste material management serving the Army Corps of Engineers as Commander of the well-known and highly respected Baltimore Division overseeing over a thousand-member team and a multibillion-dollar budget. Upon retirement from the US Army, he served as CEO of Bay West LLC, a $65 million environmental consulting and industrial services firm. He is a West Point graduate and holds two master’s degrees. Currently Founder and Head of Proviamo, LLC.

Seth Henderson
is a recognized leader in the pipeline technology, service, and construction industry. His core competencies cover data analytics, SCADA, leak detection, field operations, quality control, and technical advisory. He is an Oil and Gas professional who brings quality mid-stream marketing prospects through his relationship and contact base from a varied geographical footprint. His understanding of power efficiencies, practical management techniques, and technologies readily proliferate into product sales and development.

Carin Meyer
has over 17 years of experience in the Oil and Gas Industry, holds two master’s degrees and currently specializes in pipeline control, leak detection, cyber security, theft detection, monitoring, and SCADA. She is a certified EUCI Instructor and periodically testifies and advises Congress on matters relating to PHMSA, Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, and regulatory guidelines.

Brian Mears
has over 20 years of IT experience across diverse markets and industries. He currently serves as the Director of Professional Services for InterVision Systems where he manages IT teams and delegates the deployment of technologies in the infrastructure and service industries. His talents and experience make him vital to key executive decisions in the planning and deployment phases of fields inside the business development of significant Fortune 500 and municipal clientele.

Scott Smith
is a graduate of Harvard Business School. He is a serial entrepreneur and holds multiple patents that focus on products that enable waste cleanup of petroleum-based concerns, the detection and remediation of harmful algal blooms, chemical spills, pathogens, and other toxins. His award-winning technology centers on anti-microbial and hydrophobic properties that enhance and benefit a variety of applications. He is globally known for his presence in toxic “clean up” situations and has a significant ecological following.

Josh Rosenblatt
brings to ECO’s Advisory Board over thirty years of public service credentials to the water management, compliance, and regulatory industry. He has expertise in ground water monitoring, pollution remediation, wastewater, and solid waste management in both private and public sector facilities. His workflow contributes to a growing expertise and experience with EPA Regulations, Clean Water Act, Safe Drinking Water Act, Recovery Act and corresponding State Regulations. His qualifications include municipal and industrial planning, data collection, Superfund Management, infrastructure stewardship and Public Sector Budget Development and Policy Analysis. Joshua holds a Bachelors of Environmental Technology from Florida Institute of Technology and Master of Public Administration from New Mexico State University providing for a multidisciplinary working knowledge  of the operational and administrative needs of our clients.

Steve McCluskey
is the mayor of McLain, MS. As the mayor of McLain, he has had to face the realities of operating a government in an economically disadvantaged area with an aging population. He has done so by relying on his over 40 years of construction experience in water, wastewater, sewer, and roadbuilding as well as his ability to think “outside of the box.” In his private-sector career, Steve has worked on some of the largest projects in the region. He understands issues in these industries from all levels including the Board Room and City Hall all the way down to the person who must perform the work. Steve is also the owner of Municipal Consulting and Chief Operating Officer of i-Flow Technologies.

Ann Thomas
for nearly a decade has served as Managing Director of Singita Capital Management, a global infrastructure investment advisory firm. Clients included International Oil Producers, Sovereigns, Fortune 500 Companies, and Hedge Funds. Her career spans several decades of consulting and advisory to significant and highly regarded firms like Conoco and Chase Manhattan, the US Congress, and the Department of Energy. She carries FINRA designations Series 7, 63, CFTC, and Series 3.

David Huffman
has over 35 years of experience in the refining, petrochemical, and mid-stream industries.  He has extensive front-line and executive leadership experience in operations, maintenance, major capital projects, safety, and environment in large complex facilities throughout the U.S. and Caribbean.  His work has included negotiations with the EPA, OSHA, and other regulatory entities. David is currently Head of Operations, Engineering, and HSE for Max Midstream Texas.

Jay Abbott
is driven marketing and communications professional with over 25 years of experience in combination value-add and operations experience in private and public companies. He has extensive experience in due diligence, content marketing, digital advertising, and analytics. With the ability to launch and market consumer products while simultaneously bringing brand awareness and shareholder value to the public side of the company. His Mar-Tech and Ad-Tech skills and pioneering strengths are invaluable.

Dr. Tawanda Gumbo
is a physician-scientist, Professor of Medicine, University of Zimbabwe, and Cleveland Clinic Fellow. He has developed several preclinical and clinical laboratory models for fungal, parasitic, bacterial, and viral infections from the laboratory to patients in the area of therapeutics and pharmacology. He has received research funding from US NIH and WHO Global and is the recipient of multiple awards. He holds several patents for diagnostics, monoclonal antibodies, and anti-fungal therapeutics.

Deuce McAllister
New Orleans Saints Super Bowl Champion and Mississippi/Louisiana Hall of Famer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist is a motivated and enthusiastic communications and marketing professional who has developed significant relationships both through his sports career and his service to the community. Deuce has substantial knowledge about the solid waste and recycling industry and grew into a leader in operations and marketing in the Gulf South Region. He attributes his track record of success to a collaborative leadership style to spearhead the development of new products, new policies, and a new go-to-market process for the organization as well as leveraging relationships to create strong and lasting business relationships.