ECO EnviroJet™ will market evaporation services to the oil and gas industry.


ECO EnviroJet, LLC innovations will revolutionize the treatment of polluted wastewater originating from landfills, oil & gas fracking, paper mills, and various industries. This cutting-edge technology effectively converts the contaminated wastewater into solid-state material and pure clean steam.

ECO EnviroJet™ is a jet engine turbine-powered technology that is a mobile, trailer mounted system which is remotely controlled by an operator/maintenance technician for the sole purpose of providing a 900oF  high velocity exhaust stream which is used to evaporate water rapidly and efficiently. Production or frac water is first treated to remove various chemicals, solids, and other material which is then pumped directly into the exhaust stream through a patented feed collar containing specially designed nozzles situated in a specific geometric manner, and immediately vaporized. If the client directive is to remove water, then the vapor is exhausted into the atmosphere as clean steam. If the client wishes to capture the water as clean agricultural grade water, it is run through a heat exchanger and condenser for reuse.

Oil and gas drilling and production companies incur significant costs for the disposal of contaminated flowback and ‘produced’ water that frequently necessitates trucking or piping the contaminated water to remote deep disposal wells in dense subsurface geological formations. Twenty-five billion barrels of contaminated oil and gas produced water is created in the United States each year. Induced earthquakes, regulatory shutdowns, vehicle maintenance, traffic accidents, road wear and tear, hazmat spills, driver/rig availability, and enormous insurance liabilities all add up to scheduling delays, bad PR, and huge costs for the industry.

There are approximately 982,000 oil and gas wells in the USA, with 73% located in the 3-state area of TX, OK, and NM. ECO’s initial goal is to deploy ECO EnviroJet Units to a targeted client base of influential and successful operators and ownership groups to evaporate contaminated water. This select group represents an equivalent market share of only .02% of the targeted TX, OK, and NM total available oil and gas market for the initial three-year period of 2023 – 2025 which will allow us to initially deploy 137 EnviroJet water systems on a service basis as opposed to direct sales. During the 3-year initial market penetration phase, we will be working with experienced Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (“EPC”) enterprises for large scale production and expect to deploy over 360 EnviroJet units annually from that point forward. The three-state average is 7 barrels of contaminated water per barrel of oil produced totaling over 17.5 billion gallons of this contaminated water annually. The industry spends more than $45 billion dollars each year dealing with contaminated wastewater degree

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