ECO HydroFlow™ Technology – The New Standard for Preserving and Protecting Clean Water

ECO HydroFlow™ Is Sustainability without Compromise™ - Chemical-Free, Low Carbon Footprint Preserving Human Health and the Environment.

How Our Technology Works

ECO HydroFlow, LLC has a full range of water technology, providing a chemical-free solution for the harmful effects of scale, corrosion, bacteria, and algae. These durable water conditioners are fully encapsulated and water-resistant.

ECO HydroFlow™ Technology

ECO HydroFlow™ Technology provides a chemical-free solution for preventing scale, corrosion, bacteria, and algae in industrial, commercial, and agricultural environments.


System Wide Water Coverage

15 Dec 1998 --- Refinery at Night --- Image by © Lester Lefkowitz/CORBIS

Amusement Parks Aquaculture
Data Centers
Food Processing
Golf Courses

Industrial Plants
Irrigation Systems Manufacturing

Office Buildings
Oil and Gas Production
Power Generation
Shopping Centers
Swimming Pools
Wastewater Treatment

Control The Factors That Affect Your Company’s Sustainability, Health, And Profitability


How Scale Is Prevented With ECO HydroFlow™

Without ECO HydroFlow™

Minerals such as calcium carbonate, the mineral primarily responsible for limescale formation, are dissolved in the solution as TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). When temperature or pressure change occurs, minerals precipitate out of solution, accumulating as hard scale in pipes, in holding tanks, and on heating elements. It is important to understand that scale buildup in pipe systems, heating and cooling elements, and appliances come at a significant cost. In fact, a quarter of an inch of scale buildup results in a 38 percent loss of efficiency – and that means your energy bills increase substantially.

With ECO HydroFlow™

When the Hydropath signal is present, the dissolved minerals combine to form loosely held clusters. When the clusters precipitate out of solution due to a temperature or pressure change, they form stable calcite crystals in suspension that do not accumulate as hard scale on the inner surface of pipes, holding tanks, or heating elements. This results in the effective prevention of limescale buildup and eliminates the need for a water softener. With no new scale forming, the water flowing through the plumbing system will begin to slowly dissolve and remove the existing scale buildup.

ECO HydroFlow™ Brings Value To Your Bottomline


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