ECO ProFlo™ is Industry’s Wellness Plan for All Heated/Chilled Water Systems. Reduce Costs Associated with Water Use, Chemicals, Electricity, and Maintenance.


ECO ProFlo™ offers a comprehensive selection of environmentally conscious water solutions, presenting a chemical-free substitute to counter the detrimental impacts of scale, corrosion, bacteria, and algae. These robust water products come with complete encapsulation and water resistance.

Treating water and managing waste byproducts pose significant sustainability challenges, casting a shadow over the public perception of both large and small corporate activities. This issue affects a diverse range of sectors and markets, including:

• Office complexes
• Retail hubs
• Manufacturing facilities
• Electricity generation plants
• Medical institutions

• Hospitality establishments
• Educational institutions
• Governmental entities
• Facilities for wastewater treatment

Additionally, these concerns extend to domains like:

• Farming and cultivation
• Aquatic farming
• Information processing centers
• Recreational golf courses

• Systems for landscape watering
• Extractive industries – Mining
• Production in the oil and gas sector
• Recreational water amusement venues

ECO ProFlo, LLC solutions utilize a technology that prevents scale, biofouling, corrosion, and dramatically improves filtration efficiency. ECO ProFlo water treatment devices are nonintrusive and do not change the chemical composition of the fluid in the plumbing system. By deploying ECO ProFlo’s products and services, companies are enabling environmental solutions consistent with ever-increasing GREEN sustainability goals.

ECO ProFlo provides cutting-edge environmentally friendly water technology sales and services that enhance equipment efficiencies and prolong asset lifespan, all while notably lowering operational costs.

• Diminished Power Consumption
• Decreased Chemical Usage
• Lowered Water Consumption
• Reduced Maintenance Expenses
• Prolonged Equipment Lifespan

Moreover, ECO ProFlo water treatment solutions offer versatility in their installation, accommodating pipes made of diverse materials and encompassing outer diameters spanning from 1” to 80”.

OUR OFFERINGS INCLUDE: No Initial Capital and No Net-Cost Choices:

• We provide financing and service contracts with durations of up to 60 months.
• Monitor water usage, scale build-up, and quality remotely.
• Additionally, we present ProFlo equipment rental and lease programs.
• Opting for Longer-Term Service Agreements helps bypass delays in obtaining corporate/governmental approvals and navigating capital expenditure budgeting cycles.

Primary characteristics of ProFlo product solutions encompass:

• Engineered to endure for more than a decade
• Streamlines and/or enhances chemical utilization
• Maintains an average annual electricity cost of $10 during operation
• Compatible with power sources ranging from 87 to 240V AC, single phase
• Effortless installation with minimal impact on plumbing systems
• Substantial decrease in water blow-down disposal
• Marked reduction in necessary fresh-water replenishment
• Considerable decrease in expenses related to heat exchanger cleaning 
 • Minimal maintenance required due to absence of moving components
• Decreases energy consumption in heated/chilled water systems
• Seamlessly integrates into existing or new water system designs
• Usual payback period for most applications falls within 1-2 years
• Attenuates bacteria and algae by up to 99.99% in recirculating water systems
• Aids in fulfilling governmental mandates to curtail energy, chemical, and water usage 
• Curbs metal oxidation by up to 65% and notably mitigates corrosion induced by microorganisms
• Ensures no direct contact with the treated fluid; exempt from mandatory Material Safety Data Sheets
• Extends lifespan of residential hot water heaters and potentially obviates the need for water softener systems.

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