Turning Waste into Commercially Viable By-Products While Cleaning Up the Environment


Thermolysis Organic Conversion System (“TOCS”) is a continuous-flow solution that accepts any carbonaceous waste as feedstock (36 to 150 tons per day, per module). The system is completely sealed and emits no atmospheric pollutants. TOCS has undergone multi-year testing and has received approval from the U.S. Department of Forestry.

ECO Regenion’s licensed TOCS technology was developed as an integrated conversion technology – high temperature fast pyrolysis – which processes and converts organic and synthetic waste compounds into resultant Renewable Natural Gas and Carbon. Most importantly, the technology eliminates environmental emissions that have plagued “Waste to Energy” technologies because it is a closed-loop system.

The ECO Regenion strategy is built upon sustainable advantages from a superior process, a large and robust intellectual property asset base, low operational costs, chemical and electrical engineering expertise, and vast future market penetration into niche markets through our unique and superior processes and products.

Inventor Richard Tucker and ECO CEO Jess Rae Booth discuss Regenion Unit

TOCS is licensed from Tucker Engineering Associates, Inc.:
– Advanced Pyrolysis System
– Intellectual Property Protected by Multiple Patents
– Continuous Flow of any Carbonaceous Waste as Feedstock
– Completely Sealed
– No Atmospheric Pollutants
– Carbon Sequestration
– U.S. Department of Forestry (Multi-Year Testing & Approval

Regenion TOCS System Description:
– Regenion’s high‐temperature pyrolysis units receive carbonaceous feedstock via an airlock feeder, producing a Renewable Natural Gas product consisting primarily of methane and a solid product, activated or non-activated carbon.  
– Regenion’s fully integrated, continuous flow system efficiently converts any organic material into high-value gas (Renewable Natural Gas) through the patented, combined cycle, carbonaceous feedstock conversion technology.
– Regenion’s pyrolysis system is a closed-loop with particulate and tar removal systems.
– Regenion’s organic product gas (i.e. methane) produced by the patented pyrolysis conversion technology can be cleaned and stored for use as the fuel gas for a genset to create electrical power.

Regenion TOCS Advantages:
– Supplies TOCS energy needs using a fraction of the energy produced
– Excess electricity may be sold to the electric grid
– Produces high-quality activated carbon
– Does not allow any pollutants to escape into the atmosphere
– Chosen as the elimination system for biomass, invasive species, and forestry by-product diversion and elimination programs beginning in 2017
– Regenion accepts any carbonaceous feedstock (organic or petroleum-based)

Business and Community Purposes:
– Provide jobs and revenue positive enterprises
– Divert and eliminate waste products heading to landfills where required
– Recast landfills as waste processing centers instead of waste deposition sites
– Provide alternative sources for electric power to the grid or Renewable Natural Gas to be injected into existing pipelines
– Produce ancillary product manufacturing or power generation/transmission centers as central or remote utility networks

With creativity, innovation, and a passion for a greener world, we are changing the way disposal of organic and synthetic waste will be handled.

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