ECO Regenion™ Converts Waste into Commercially Viable By-Products While Cleaning Up the Environment

Sofia's second waste plant (organic waste plant, waste to energy plant, composting, incineration, landfill, recycling, windrow composting) from the inside.

ECO Regenion, LLC turns waste into commercially viable by-products while cleaning up the environment.

ECO’s Environmental Technologies Boost Our Customers’ Bottom Line while Providing More Efficient and Sustainable Operations

ECO Regenion™  technology was developed as an integrated conversion technology that processes and converts organic and synthetic waste compounds into resultant Renewable Natural Gas and Carbon. Most importantly, the technology eliminates environmental emissions that have plagued “Waste to Energy” technologies because it is a closed-loop system.

The ECO Regenion™ strategy is built upon sustainable advantages from a superior process, a large and robust intellectual property asset base, low operational costs, chemical and electrical engineering expertise, and vast future market penetration into niche markets through our unique and superior processes and products.

With creativity, innovation, and a passion for a greener world, we are changing the way disposal of organic and synthetic waste will be handled.

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