Safety is a Core Value

Health, safety, environment, and service quality are core values for ECO. Our objective is to meet or exceed the expectations of regulators, customers, and our own internal standards. Beyond compliance, we are committed to improvement across all areas of our operations.

Our leadership commitment, robust management system, and the competencies and commitment of our people are core elements of our success and provide the foundation of our Goal Zero safety program.

HSE (Health, Safety and Environment)

At ECO, keeping everyone safe and healthy is paramount to solving customer wastewater and solid waste challenges. We don’t compromise our focus on HSE to improve business results. Our commitment to safety minimizes environment impacts, controls risks to our employees, maintains safe work practices, and protects our customers.

Service Quality

Improving processes is a continuous discussion, and the quality of our service delivery and performance improvements are driven by our focus on process adherence and execution of management system operating guidance controls. We safely deliver high quality water management services while maintaining environmental health, safety and sustainability principles and practices.

Goal Zero

Goal Zero is an ongoing initiative at ECO designed to sustain and reinforce our safety culture. Our safety program calls on all employees and team members to strive for zero injuries, illnesses, incidents, and deaths on the job and at home. Nothing is more important to us than making sure people arrive home safely.

While striving toward Goal Zero, we have highlighted several aspects and principles supporting safety:

  • Safety Culture. Making safety part of our mindset.
  • Safety Leadership. Engaging everyone to actively address risks and model the right safety behaviors.
  • Safety Exposures. Understanding and addressing the safety risks we face on the job and at home.
  • Safety Systems. Anticipating and mitigating risks through process, design, and administrative controls.

To reinforce this important program, our leadership communicates key topics regularly, including workplace hazards, processes, and personal safety to all team members.

Our safety messages are designed to keep employees engaged and focused on working safely. Daily tailgate meetings, monthly safety sessions, quarterly training, and annual safety stand-down events reinforce our hands-on, data-driven approach to managing safety risks and driving continuous improvement.