Solid Waste

Conversion of Solid Waste into
activated carbon and electricity

Deployment of Technology Coming Soon

The  ECO TOCS technology

Thermolysis Organic Conversion System


  • Converts waste materials into profitable commodities
  • Provides safe conversion of waste material for companies concerned with disposal liability
  • Converts waste that otherwise would be sent to landfills



  • 37 tons per day up to several thousand tons per day of solid waste
  • Waste such as plastic, tires, wood, railroad ties, poultry litter, food waste


  • Closed-loop, sequesters hazardous materials
  • Continuous feed
  • Captures halogens, sulfur, mercury, and other hazardous materials
  • Heavily patented
  • Remote “SmartGrid” control systems


  • Activated carbon (variety of grades)
  • Electricity (generated from produced synthetic gas)


About Our Solid Waste Technology

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