Oil and Gas Produced Water Disposal Alternative

Cost Saving | High Volume | No Disposal Wells

The cost saving alternative to disposal wells without the environmental risks

Hydraulic fracturing has enabled expansion of oil and gas activity with significant increases in production, which has dramatically increased the volume of water that must be disposed of safely. Prior to ECO’s process, trucking and disposal wells were the cheapest way to dispose of high volumes of produced water each day. ECO’s Technology reduces truck traffic and replaces the need for disposal wells that have caused increased seismic activity in many areas.

The Oil and Gas industry has been searching for a lower cost, safer alternative to dispose of produced water.

ECO’s Technology is the answer!

ECO’s Technology saves cost vs. trucking / disposal wells while eliminating the environmental risks.

Key Features:

  • 25% Average cost saving vs. trucking to disposal wells
  • 100% of water evaporated
  • 4,000 to 40,000 BBL per day capacity per installation
  • Mobile on-site unit
  • Small footprint
  • $0 Up-front capital cost, provided as a service
  • 24×7 operations
  • Ability to produce usable water instead of evaporation
  • Secure digital oilfield monitoring
  • Reduces labor costs and risks

This breakthrough technology is very efficient, reliable and safe. It is a superior, cost effective alternative to trucking water to disposal wells.


Investigation is underway for the Technology to be used to resolve other industrial wastewater problems.


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