ECO Vortex™ Waste Deconstructor

ECO Vortex™ Deconstructs Waste Into Secondary Fuels And Commercial Commodities

ECO Vortex, LLC is a waste management tool that reduces the size of waste while creating value-added secondary fuels and commercial commodities from commercial and residential waste materials.

ECO Vortex™ Waste Deconstructor

ECO Vortex™ Waste Reduction Technology brings high-value recyclables such as plastics, glass, metals, and waste that can be directly reused or made into raw commodities. By reducing the footprint of landfills by up to 75%, the impact on local environments will be significantly reduced.

Clean Reusable Commodities

Landfill with old tires and tyres for recycling. Reuse of the waste rubber tyres. Disposal of waste tires. Worn out wheels for recycling. Tyre dump burning plant. Regenerated tire rubber produced.
plastic bottle in recycle bin,waste management concept.
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ECO Vortex™ will manufacture and deploy patented Deconstructor Units under service agreements whereby ownership of the Units will remain with ECO Vortex™.  The equipment is designed to reduce the size of a variety of raw materials. A conveyor continuously top feeds the Unit with raw material while the Unit pulverizes the waste into either fluff, granules or powders depending on the material that then exits the bottom of the Unit to a conveyor and/or to material separators.

The Deconstructor can be used to process different materials, like wood debris, asphalt, rubber, shingles, concrete, glass, and plastic. Our technology will reduce the overall space consuming bulk of mixed municipal solid waste trucked to landfills by up to 75%. The ECO Vortex™ waste reduction technology will assist municipal owned and privately-owned landfills to reduce their impact on local environments, in addition to converting unsalable raw inputs of material to salable Refuse Derived Fuels and other marketable commodities.

Reduce Waste Volume Up To



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